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  Tips for Beads Storage - Beads Storage

It's no easy kind of thing - keeping all of your jewelry pieces and beads in an ideal order. Their size is the main problem. You never can exactly tell where is the smallest bead in your collection, until you get them organized. As a real jewelry lover, I can tell you that my experience is rich on trying to get used to different storage solutions. And I am happy to say that I've finally found some working hacks, that help me to keep all my collection totally ordered. This time I want to share my experience and show how do organization hacks look like.

It's not so easy as it seems, to keep everything in order, especially when we talk about artistic personalities. But if you try to give things their places just for one week, you will notice that it isn't so hard as you thought it could be. You will even have more free time without spending hours on searching for something. It's great when you see all your supplies as in the palm of your hand because they are in order. In addition, you will have a chance to save some extra money without buying the same things twice just because you didn't know that you already have it.

Now, after reorganizing my storage places, I have enough space for everything and my room is tidy and clean.

So, here are some best products for beads and jewelry storage:

Assorted Bead Storage Tray Box from Bead Storage Solutions
Tool & Spool Bins from Bead Storage Solutions
Rolling Craft Storage Cart with 15 Drawers from Darice
Storage Cart With 4 Drawers and Shelves
Personal Label Maker from Dymo

I'm a big fan of those storage carts. Their capacity is really impressive! They also do have a perfect size so that you can use the rest of the wall for some extra storage places. For example, you can hang shelves or other hanging storage and put the rest of your supplies there.

One of the greatest ways to organize beads is to sort them according to their color. It doesn't matter how big or small they are, you know that one of the main things in your jewelry project is the color. So it will be easy to search the right bead if you see all of them organized in such way.

Another great thing for organizing beads are tiny containers. They are often used for the storage of seed beads, crimp beads, jump rings and other small findings. Such container is great for the small tube (10g) of seed beads. If you have larger sized tubes of beads you can place them into the small boxes, and what about findings, their sizes are so different that none of your boxes would stay empty.

It is really cool that all the boxes can come out and it's easy to open them and find exactly what you need. They also close secure and you don't have to worry about it. My experience is full of stories with spilled and mixed up beads, but this time I'm totally satisfied with the storage system.

Everybody can be completely satisfied with their storage solutions, but your purpose is to find a solution that will be best personally for you. It is the main guarantee of using it in future for a long time. If you are a real jewelry lover like me, you have to find numerous small storage solutions that are easy and comfy to use. That is the only way for building your perfect storage system.

It would be great if these tips on beads and jewelry storage inspire you to arrange the whole order in your jewelry making supplies.