The Beads - material is very fragile, very responsive


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  The Tucson Bead Show 2018 - Beads at the Exhibition

The Tucson Bead Show is an eight-day event that is held from January 27, 2018 to Saturday, February 3, 2018. The event is organized by Garan-Beadagio. The venue for this event is a casino Dell Soul located in Tucson Arizona.

This Tucson Bead Show 2018 will showcase a wide range of projects and services relating to the bead sector. It'll include leading exhibitors such as check glass, seed, pearl, shell, silver, and brass beads. It'll include beading and lamp work tools, findings, stream supplies, collectibles, antiquities, artifacts, rare ethnographic objects, unusual gold and silver pieces, carved gemstones and pendants, champleve enamel, uncut garnets, Gablonzer crystals, vintage jewelry components.

You can find things such as costume jewelry, hard-to-find ceremonial and tribal objects, handmade jewelry, hand died soaks, walls and cottons, felted hats and jackets, hand sewn skirts and blouses, hand-woven rugs, textiles and kilns. It will also include art wear, wearable art, hand-painted silks, kimono fabrics, shibori dresses, handspun fibers, boutique yarns, spun wool, vintage laces, ribbons, buttons, embroideries, nomadic textiles, tribal rugs, ceremonial tapestries, antique baskets, car boxes, hand nodding, glass pendants, bead making, soldering, mixed-media, polymer clay, jewelry project, resin jewelry, enameling, metal and wire work. The number of exhibitors will be over 300. The event will accommodate 60,000 ft.2 of exhibit space and this is an annual event.