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  Sense of Mardi Grass Beads

Bring more joy to your celebration by getting informed.

The roots of Mardi Grass celebration go far away from the modern rituals. Just like all other traditional things with their rich past, Mardi Grass beads do also have their own one.

The main thing about these beads is their color. The King of the first daytime Carnival in 1872, also called Rex, is a person who gave the most exact determination of Mardi Gras beads' colors. In the real life, Rex was known as Alexis Romanoff, Russia's Grand Duke. That's why the royal colors are present here. Purple color is for the definition of justice, green is all about the faith and gold is associated with power. - Plastic Mardi Grass Beads

Why beads are thrown

Mardi Gras beads were initially thrown by the parade krewes into the crowd of people who were passing by. It was kind of a good luck sending to those who caught them. Some people think that they sent certain color of the bead to the person who is most associated with this color's meaning. - The original material for Mardi Grass beads was a glass. But it's definitely not the best material as it can break down while throwing in the crowd. So plastic beads have become the most popular thing to use by the parade krewes. Excluding traditional colors of Mardi Grass beads, nowadays you can find them in any color, shape, and size. - Gold Doubloon Coins

What else do people throw

As the prototypes of the precious coins that were originally thrown by Rex, modern people use metallic coins in different colors that look almost like doubloons. Plastic coins are also welcome.

Another popular thing that you can throw is a cup. No, it's not for your evening tea, it's all about the alcohol drinking, which is one of the main traditions during Mardi Grass celebration.

More innocent tradition is to throw stuffed animals that symbolize Louisiana, as well as other soft small toys too. - Mardi Grass Shoes

Do them with your own hands

The most unusual throws are made by people with their own hands. For example, members of the Krewe of Zulu gave painted coconuts to people as they march on Mardi Gras. Since being introduced in the 1910s, the Zulu coconut has become very popular. Even the simple shoe can become famous if it is nicely painted and decorated with your own hands. That was the idea of the Muse Krewe, who become famous for their decorated shoes. - Mardi Grass The Colors Rule

The colors rule

Mardi Gras colors even become an inspiration for the choice of school colors for archrivals Louisiana State University that has chosen purple and gold ones and Tulane University - green. - Mardi Grass Door Decor

What about the Spirit

If you have chosen Mardi Grass beads as your decoration, don't forget that here you can barely overdo. The more splashy you look the closer you are to the real Mardi Grass atmosphere. You can not only wear strands around your neck but also in your hair, make rings and bracelets. Your home can also be brighten with Mardi Grass decorations that you can apply on your curtains, doors and even on the furniture, why not? When we talk about Mardi Grass we know that this is the best time to spark and glow as bright as you can!