The Beads - material is very fragile, very responsive


The Tucson
Bead Show 2018

This Tucson Bead Show 2018 will showcase a wide range of projects and services relating to...

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4 DIY Jewelry Ideas that will Bring You Inspiration

Each time of the year has its special moments. Time is running fast and...

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For Those who Wonder what Kumihimo is...

Kumihimo takes its roots from ancient Japan. It was the most solid technique of braiding that was used for...

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  Inspiration for Jewelry Project

Where to find inspiration for the next jewellery project?

If you love to make jewelry you might have found yourself running out of ideas for next project. You should always keep a diary so you can write down ideas whenever you get them. Here are some great ways you can find ideas for your next jewelry design: - Old Jewelry

Check out your grandparents or parents jewelry boxes. There usually some very unique pieces with interesting beading techniques that you can duplicate in your next project. - Jewelry Magazine for Inspiration

Review ethnic, fashion, celebrity and teen magazines for inspiration. I can give you some idea about the current jewelry trends you can make jewelry that can become easy to sell. - Vintage Jewelry Shop

Visit vintage shops, garage sales and flea markets and you can find inspiration from fabrics, old clothing and even old jewelry. - Jewelry Ideas from Different Countries

Find out information about joy from different countries. This new information gives you a new world of possibilities to create jewelry that is linked to heritage, culture, traditions, ancestry and history in particular locations. - Mythical World Bracelet

Try to find inspiration from the spirit or mythical world. Check out fantasy storybooks with goblins and fairies and use your imagination and an imaginary world.