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  For Those Who Wonder What Kumihimo is...

Kumihimo takes its roots from ancient Japan. It was the most solid technique of braiding that was used for Japanese samurai's armor protection. Such method was also used for creating kimonos and quilted jackets to give them more endurance. However, this technique stays popular in Japan nowadays too. Lots of contemporary jewelry designers use Kumihimo technique in creating of their jewelry collections. - Kumihimo Braiding

The role of Kumihimo in contemporary designs

This technique is often used nowadays for making bright accents while using sparkling jewelry components like crystal beads in jewelry designs. If you want to create a unique pattern for the necklace or earrings, you can use such technique too. Especially chic do look jewelry pieces which were created with the combination of different materials by using Kumihimo technique. - Kumihimo Kit

Basic Kumihimo Supplies

Here is what you need to create your Kumihimo masterpieces: bobbins, braiding disks, some stringing materials (threads or cords), various beads that you like. You can use not only classical glass beads but also try something new and experiment with other jewelry components. - Kumihimo Lightweight Disk

How to use Kumihimo technique

You have to choose a lightweight disk that will be a basement for strands that you are going to use. If you want to know more about Kumihimo and how its tools are used, check out instructional video below.