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  Beading Through The Ages

One of the earliest forms of jewelry making is beading. Beads have been found on multiple continents, and from a variety of different cultures and have been made of a multitude of different materials. Beading has not just come along during the last 300 years. This hobby has roots that run so far back into the analogues of history you would be surprised. These beads are not simple pieces of plastic, but instead they are cherished pieces of jewelry.

Here is a history of beading through the ages. - Ancient Man Jewelry

Ancient man

Archaeology always turns up in its digs cave paintings and pictures of tools. They also sometimes find the earliest forms of jewelry. Rocks and shiny stones have been found linked together with animal skins. It is a very interesting and humble beginning for the bead world. - Tribal Jewelry


Many tribes around the world have increased the complexity of the beading process. It appears that the beading process has been passed down orally and there is a complexity that began in the jewelry of tribal people. Many styles and variations are still used today. Different cultures hand down many of these creations through the traditions of a family. - European Beads

European beadwork

The history of beading in Europe goes back a millennium and they used a variety of materials that included animal bones or seashells. In the 14th century glass beads were made in Murano Italy. The French used to bead flowers together early in the 16th century.

Human ingenuity is always interesting because it adapts and uses whatever materials around to accomplish a goal that it is trying to achieve. This is cleverness and is something universal in all of us and beading is no different.