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  4 DIY Jewelry Ideas That Will Bring You Inspiration

Each time of the year has its special moments. Time is running fast and you can not stop its fast flow. Even if the year is about to end, there are still lots of different ideas that you can bring to reality.

Maybe you have some great ideas about presents for the nearest holiday? Such a great present could be something that you can create with your own hands. That would be a perfect match for any occasion. Here is a selection of DIY jewelry projects that can adorn any special occasion in your life. - Silk Ribbon Jewelry

Silk Ribbon Jewelry

Use ribbons if you want to create jewelry that requires delicacy and refinement. If you want to refresh the look of your homemade jewelry, satin and grosgrain ribbons are just what you need. Using a satin ribbon can bring elegance even to the simplest jewelry pieces. For example, you can combine a silk ribbon with a strand of beads that can be easily strung on the silk cord that already has a needle on its end. You can simply tie the ends together without spending your time on clasps or other fixings. - Crocheted Jewelry

Crocheted Jewelry

Like some other trends in DIY jewelry fashion, crocheted jewelry has come back to the top positions. One of its main advantages is its warmness. Unlike metal jewelry, that can be rather uncomfortable for wearing during cold days, crocheted jewelry is warm and nice for wearing anytime. Its another advantage is that it won't take a long time to create such piece of jewelry. You can easily handle it in less than an hour. You can also bring diversity into your jewelry project by making knots and loops in multiple shapes. Bead Embroidered Jewelry

Bead Embroidered Jewelry

When it comes to creativity- making bead embroidered jewelry is the best way to express yourself. Create unique pieces of art, that are made by hand-sewing hundreds of beads. You can make necklaces, brooches, earrings and so much more! You will be delighted to see how do a beaded fabric turns into stylish and beautiful jewelry. Fabric Jewelry

Fabric Jewelry

Another amazing thing that came to us from ancient times is a textile jewelry. No doubt, such jewelry didn't lose its popularity till now. Such material as a fabric gives you almost endless possibilities in jewelry making. It's also a great wave to turn unnecessary pieces of textile into real jewelry masterpieces.

Handmade jewelry is an absolutely one of the best presents that you can give to your loved ones. And all efforts that you are making by creating it, are really worth it! Don't forget that it is a great way to improve your creative skills and save your budget at the same time. It would be great if our selection of DIY jewelry ideas helps you to express your talent in a material form and would make your friends and family happy!