The Beads - material is very fragile, very responsive


The Tucson
Bead Show 2018

This Tucson Bead Show 2018 will showcase a wide range of projects and services relating to...

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4 DIY Jewelry Ideas that will Bring You Inspiration

Each time of the year has its special moments. Time is running fast and...

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For Those who Wonder what Kumihimo is...

Kumihimo takes its roots from ancient Japan. It was the most solid technique of braiding that was used for...

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  3 Tips for Making Beaded Beads

Beading beads can become amazing designs and it's fun to try them, but if your total beginner maybe take it slow in creating your own beaded beads.

Here are some beginner tips: - Basic Peyote Stitch

Tip #1

We recommend comfort so use a stitching style that you are comfortable with. Simple stitches like a basic peyote stitch or ladder stitch is plenty for doing beaded beads. If you want a more advanced pattern then use a more complex stitch style as long as you're comfortable with it. - Simple Bead Bracelet

Tip #2

Make sure you start with an easy design before you move to a more difficult one. If you go for a complicated shape you can get quite frustrated, especially beginners. Make sure you become more accustomed with designing and making beaded beads and be patient and give it some time. - Big Beads

Tip #3

One last thing to remember is that when you are doing beaded beads, bigger is better when you're using beads. Using large beads makes it easier to do your stitching since the holes are larger. Once you're familiar with the stitching pattern, you can then take on the bigger challenge of stitching smaller beads.