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The Tucson
Bead Show 2018

This Tucson Bead Show 2018 will showcase a wide range of projects and services relating to...

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4 DIY Jewelry Ideas that will Bring You Inspiration

Each time of the year has its special moments. Time is running fast and...

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For Those who Wonder what Kumihimo is...

Kumihimo takes its roots from ancient Japan. It was the most solid technique of braiding that was used for...

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  Everything About Beading - Bead Products

Beading is a whole world of incredibly interesting possibilities for creating little masterpieces with your own hands. This process helps develop creativity in women and girls. There is nothing more beautiful and valuable than something made with love and care. At our site you will find interesting articles devoted to beading, news and lots of beading tips.

If we trace beading through the ages we will discover that beading was known and used by people of Ancient Egypt. There are many interesting and fun facts about beads and we would like to share them with you. Besides, jewelry and décor made of beads can be found on all the continents and includes clothing, luxury items, church and household utensils. Today we know about over a dozen beading techniques, such as openwork weaving, tapestry weaving (handmade weaving), jabot, needle weaving, brick netting, mosaic weaving, cross stitch bead weaving, Ndebele, ogalala, American (spiral) rope, square rope, rope bead crochet, bead knitting, bead embroidery, Kumihimo, soutache, freeform.

Why do we like beads so much? Almost all kinds of bead are made of glass, but they differ in shape and color. There are different kinds of crystals – round, square, oblong (cylinder shaped). When it comes to color crystal beads can be: opaque and clear, glossy, mat and metallic. Here comes the answer! Crystal beads resemble little jewels, but they cost a lot less. - Glass and Plastic Beads

Beads made products, ropes, bracelets, ear-rings, or flowers look very beautiful. But are they easy to make? No,especially for beginners. However everything starts with the basics, and bead weaving is not an exception. Our tip for beginners is to begin with making simple bracelets which can be used as a jewelry element or an excellent gift.

Also at our site we will speak about where to find inspiration for jewelry projects. Whether you are just a beginner in the art of bead weaving or a skillful artist you may confront with the challenge of getting inspired to create more projects. There are several ways how you can get inspired, but the easiest one is to browse the Internet. Global network has plenty of resources for designers. Social networks, blogs and even just a selection of interesting pictures and photos of the projects are an excellent source of new interesting ideas. Don’t get upset if you failed to find the idea for your next project, just give you some time, a day off that you will spend in an unusual offbeat way!

Beaded jewelry and decorations became fashionable not just this year. It means that simple designs won’t impress anyone now. So beadwork artists should be very creative and combine in each item of handmade jewelry various materials and techniques. Only unusual unique combination has the potential to stand out. Not only is beaded jewelry trendy, but also decorating fabric for clothing with tinsels, wooden beads, shells, embroidery and appliqués mixed with beads. Fashion blends everything: bright colors with pale ones, large beads with small ones, beads made of glass and wood. - Beaded Bracelets

Today, beadwork has become a favorite hobby for many women. Of course, this kind of art requires special skills, patience, dexterity and accuracy. Good mood and well developed imagination play a key role as well. Consider trying beadworking yourself!